2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Seize the High Ground!

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Excellence in Training

The Lancers have spent all of February out at the Yakima Training Center in eastern Washington, honing their skills and preparing for the road to the National Training Center.

The 2-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division is slated to deploy to NTC in Fort Irwin, Calif., where they can expect to face an enemy much different than the one the Army has grown accustomed to fighting. Instead of facing an elusive insurgent force, they will instead face a formidable Army with similar capabilities to its own.

They will have to rely heavily on their training and intellect to out move and out smart the enemy.

This simulated enemy makes the training at YTC that much more important. If successful, the Lancers will be a deployable force, ready to respond to any contingency in the world. It will also help the Army identify the different ways in which the Stryker vehicle can be employed.

Given the significance of this training, we decided to make February our month of Excellence in Training. We asked our followers to submit their best training photos so we could show all of you what it is we’re doing out here.

The above image was submitted by Sgt. 1st class Jose Rivera, a platoon sergeant in Company C, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment. We here in the public affairs office thought it was a great photo, and apparently everyone else did as well. What it shows is the Lancers’ ability to operate in any climate, under any condition, and as a team. For this, it is the winner of the Excellence in Training photo submission.

March marks the beginning of our Excellence in Family Readiness. Starting tomorrow we’ll be sharing photos from those who matter to us the most, our families. They are the Hearts behind the Shields of our Soldiers, and without them we wouldn’t be able to, Seize the High Ground!